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Lease Information and FAQ

Where is the Cream and Crimson Management LLC office located?

We are located on the south east side of town.

When is rent due?

Rent is always due on the first of the month. If a unit is paying with multiple checks, Cream and Crimson Management must receive these multiple payments BEFORE the first of the month in order to avoid the $10 extra check fee.

What happens if we pay rent late?

We do not have a grace period for late rent. Our tiered rent structure increases rent $100 after the first of the month and $50 seven days after. After the 1st, total rent due will increase by $100, on the 8th it will increase by an additional $50. Please see your lease for specifics. Postdated checks will be cashed on the date written on the check.

How to I contact the emergency maintenance person on duty?

If you are contacting our maintenance emergency line, PLEASE make sure it is a true emergency and cannot wait until morning. Call our office 812-822-1033 or call 812-333-9233 to page the person on duty after hours.

Does Cream and Crimson Management allow short term leases?

No. All of our leases are one year leases with a possibility to renew.

Does Cream and Crimson Management rent any furnished units?

Some of our units are furnished.

How do I secure a rental property once I've been to a showing?

Once you know for sure that you want to sign a year lease for a CCM rental, please call into the CCM Office 812-822-1033 to obtain an application and HOLD form from a CCM agent. Both can be downloaded from company website. Money is required to hold any rental. $200.00 per bedroom or half the security deposit (whichever is greater) is taken at the time of the hold. This money is non-refundable if a hold is taken and then it is decided that you no longer want the unit. All hold money goes towards your security deposit. Completed Rental Applications for all tenants are also required to be turned in to CCM before the lease signing.

Will you rent to me if I have never rented before?

YES! If you do not have any rental history, we will rent to you pending your rental application results. If you do not have rental history we will require a parent or guardian to complete a Parent Liability/Responsibility Agreement. We MUST receive this completed agreement BEFORE your lease signing appointment. Rental Applications forms can be found on our website on the 'Contracts and Forms' page.

How do I see the inside of a property that I am interested in renting?

Generally, we start to show properties on October 1st to begin the pre-leasing procedure for fall-rentals. In order to set up a showing with a CCM agent, just give us a call 1-3 days beforehand and we will make an appointment with you. We do not do same-day showings because we need to let our tenants know in advance that we are stopping by. We also do not set up appointments weeks in advance unless there are exceptional extenuating circumstances.

How much do I need to put down for security deposit?

The amount of security deposit money CCM collects is equal to either 1 1/2 month's rent or 2 month's rent depending on the property you are renting. This security deposit money is NEVER used for rent. Last month's rent will be due on the first day of the last month of your lease.

Are utilities included in the monthly rental price?

No, utilities are never included in rent. Please refer to your lease for specifics about your utilities. Some of our units pay a flat monthly rate for utilities and some pay a percentage of the total building's utility bills.

What are the zoning requirements in Bloomington?

Bloomington has different zoning laws for each area of town. Typically, each property is zoned for at most, either 3,4 or 5 unrelated persons. The amount of people that are permitted to live in one place together is not determined by the amount of bedrooms in the unit. For instance, if a 5 bedroom house is zoned for 4 people, then CCM can only put 4 people on the lease. The fifth bedroom can be used as a study, common area or the like.

Does Cream and Crimson Management Allow Pets?

Many of our properties allow pets - many do not. In the event we are able to find a suitable property for you and your pet, we will require a signed Pet Agreement accompanied by a pet fee of no less than $500.00 per approved pet. And be advised, that there may be an occasion when a property requires additional monthly rent as well. We do not allow animals under the age of two years or any other animal that is not house trained. All dogs must be crated when left alone in a residence. A pet reference from a previous landlord may be required before permission to keep a pet is granted.

How do I break my lease with CCM?

CCM does NOT simply 'break leases'! Your lease is a legally binding document to which you will be held accountable until the date of termination. Be Absolutely Sure you want to live in your unit with your roommates for an entire year or are prepared to work out a sublet or roommate change should you need to do so. We do understand that some people may not able to fulfill an entire year long lease and we are willing to do everything in our power to make a sublet or roommate change as smooth and easy as possible. Administrative charges may apply.

How do I sublet my unit?

A sublet is when all persons on a lease would like to vacate and have an entirely new set of tenants take their place. (If only one or some of the tenants on the lease would like to vacate please refer to the next answer relating to roommate changes.) It is up to the tenants on the lease to find replacements to take over for them until their current lease expires. The fee to sublet is equal to one month's rent or half of one month's rent depending on whether or not the vacating tenants would like to hold some liability to the unit. Once new tenants are found they must fill out rental applications (found on our website under 'Contracts and Forms') and submit them to CCM. The next step is to call CCM to make an appointment to sublease. ALL of the vacating and new tenants need to come in together to sign the necessary documents to make this exchange legal. Administrative charges may apply.

I live with roommates and want to have someone else take over my spot on the lease.

If one roommate is vacating and having another person take over for them, this is called a 'roommate change'. It is up to the vacating tenant to find a person to take their spot and ALL the other roommates on the lease must approve the new tenant. A few good resources for finding a roommate are craigslist.org and Housing Helpers. The new tenant must fill out a rental application (found on our website under 'Contracts and Forms') and submit it to CCM. There is a $30.00 rental application fee per application submitted. The next step is making an appointment with a CCM agent to fill out the Roommate Change Document. All tenants on the lease including the new and vacating tenants must be present at the meeting in order to agree to the terms and sign the document. It is imperative that all roommate changes take place through CCM. If they are not done legally through CCM and we become aware of this at any time throughout the tenancy, there is a possibility that the tenant not on the lease could be evicted. Administrative charges may apply.

Can I be present for the check-out of my unit?

During the turnover season, CCM generally turns over multiple units in Bloomington. We really do not have time to schedule appointments nor do we have time to discuss any matters of concern to our tenants at that point. If there is a problem with your deposit return, a statement or dispute letter needs to be submitted in writing. Please rest assured that no decisions on charges are being made at the time of check-out and CCM does not stand to profit from your security deposit. By law you will be provided with a detailed breakdown of any and all charges deducted from your deposit. CCM will refer to your tenant check-in sheet provided to you at move-in and other documentation to ensure your deposit is returned to you fairly and appropriately.

How long will it be until we receive our security deposit back?

CCM's lease contract states that we have 45 days after the last day of your lease to return your security deposit to you. We will put your security deposit in the mail within 45 days of the last day of your lease. If a forwarding address is not given, by law we must send it to the last known address which is the address where you lived with us. It generally takes all of this time to return the deposit due to things like utilities billed in arrears and invoices relating to move-out.

Please refer to the Cream and Crimson Management's Lease agreement for all of the terms of the lease. A blank copy of our lease can be found on our website under the 'contracts and forms' tab. Please call CCM if you have any further questions.

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